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Using personal development plans as the basis for learning

Looking at my last 3 years working as a Learning and Development specialist, trainer and…

On negotiation

Yesterday I did a short session on different negotiating styles. As I was conducting my…

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L&D Consulting

Learning & Development Consultancy

L&D Project Timeline

Observe the key teams and/or specialists
Run a Training needs analysis
Interview management team
Assess and prioritize skills
Build a learning roadmap
Launch training program
Support leadership teams
Evaluate learning program
*Company with less than 200 employees would take 6 months to execute. Contact our team for a detailed schedule.
Employee profile allows you to analyze the skill gap and areas for development

Skill-Based Talent Development

Our platform has built-in features for creating a skill-based talent development program.
You can create a new behavior-driven competency framework for your organization, or you can customize competency based on our templates
Easily deploy and track your employee appraisal campaign

Integrated L&D Solution

Our talent development features are built for L&D managers to easily deploy and manage result-driven development programs. Few notables benefits for your organization
Our platform allows SCORM courses to be integrated into our professional-looking e-Learning material.
Auto-generated reports for management to review the effectiveness of training
Easily deploy the training material to multiple devices